Interface Gehäuse für Steckverbinder

Housings made of plastic and metal


  • Metal version
  • Shielding concept
  • Also for railway applications in accordance with BN 74 016

Metal Interface Housings

Metal Interface Housings for connectors acc to IEC 60 603-2/DIN 41 612

Shell housing for DIN connectors

The metal interface housing was developed on the basis of the plastic interface housing design as a totally metal housing with metal guide elements for heavy-duty use.

It has the following advantages:

  • Suitable for all 19" front panels in accordance with IEC 60 297-3 and IEEE fronts
    in accordance with P1101.10
  • For shielding between the interface housing and the front panel, in the E and F1 style
    RFI shielding
    panels can be added at the transfer side
  • Coding already integrated or can be added, depending on the style
  • 3 cable feed apertures
  • For cable diameters up to 17 mm
  • For heavy-duty applications such as railway engineering, power station engineering etc.

Technical Data

IEC 60 297/DIN 41 494
housing shells: die-cast zinc
guide components: die-cast zinc or metalized plastic
other parts: stainless steel, steel, brass
housing shells: drum-polished or galvanized and chromated or
other parts: galvanized, nickel-plated