System Baugruppen Compact PCI

System-Modules CompactPCI

System platform for setting up your industrial computer.


  • Integrated bus board
  • Integrated power supply unit
  • Wired and tested
  • Optionally with active cooling

System-Modules CompactPCI

The RFI-SHIELDED basic system.

The dimensions of the CompactPCI system modules are based on those of the RFI-SHIELDED CPCI / Rear I/O ( see the RFI-SHIELDED chapter).
This allows unrestricted use of the extensive and complete range of subrack accessories.

The special design features of the CompactPCI system modules:

  • The refined RFI-shielding concept enables high shielding effectiveness (see the RFI-SHIELDED chapter).
  • The construction offers additional space for drives and hard disks.
  • They are fitted with an ATX 300 W power supply unit with a wide-range input and PFC.
  • CPCI backplane in accordance with specification 2.0 Rev. 3.0, with or without rear I/O
  • Convection or active ventilation

Technica data

compliant with DIN 41 494, IEC 60 297-3, IEEE 1101.10,
IEC 61 076-4-101, CPCI Specification 2.0, Revision 3.0
Width / horizontal pitch
84 usable HP/ 5.08 mm
Depth of the inserted board
160 mm at the front, 80 mm at the rear
Depth increment side panel
10 mm
screws: steel
contact springs: stainless steel
card guide: plastic
other parts: aluminum
screws: galvanized und chromated
side panels and cover plates: blank (seawater resistance)
other parts: chromated
Protection class
DIN 40 050 IP 20 (with cover plates)
contact protection in accordance with VDE 0160
Utilization category
-25 °C, +70 °C, 75% relative humidity
Protective grounding
all metal parts are electrically bonded to one another
following assembly in accordance with VDE 100 ⁄ 12.65, § 6 Nb.