Baugruppenträger RFI shielded


The RF-shielded all-rounder.


  • High shielding effectiveness
  • Individual internal layout
  • Complies with the latest IEEE standards
  • For VME / VME64x


A proven concept which provides maximum operational safety and reliability.

The system dimensions of the RFI-SHIELDED subrack are based on those of the FLEXIBLE subrack as a logical further development to produce the perfectly shielded subrack. This allows unrestricted use of the extensive and complete range of accessories.

The special design features of the RFI-SHIELDED subrack:

  • The refined RFI shielding concept enables high shielding effectiveness.
  • The stable stainless steel contact springs ensure permanent and reliable bonding, even after a large number of plug-in cycles.
  • The perforated RFI cover plates guarantee optimal air flow for improved heat dissipation.
  • The use of high-quality, seawater-resistant aluminum alloys and stainless steel materials removes, for the most part, the need for unnecessary, environ-mentally harmful surface treatment.

There are three versions of this subrack:

    The standard RFI-shielded version.
    The front is in accordance with IEEE 1101.10. The special profile rail is designed for the use of insertion and removal handles (optionally with a hot-swap function) for overcoming high insertion and removal resistance. The card guides are fitted with mechanical coding systems and special bonding for electrostatic discharge.
    The front and the rear are in accordance with IEEE 1101.10/11. This enables insertion and removal of modules with a front panel from both the front and the rear of the subrack.

Technische Daten

compliant with DIN 41 494 / IEC 60 297, IEEE 1101.10
width / horizontal pitch
84 usable HP / 5.08 mm
Depth of the inserted board
160, 220, 280 mm (nom. depth), 80 mm at the rear
Depth increment-side panel
10 mm
Connector mounting
M 2.5 in increments of 5.08 mm for DIN 41 612,
VG 95 324 and EC 60 603-2 connectors
screws: steel
contact springs: stainless steel
other parts: aluminum
screws: galvanized und chromated
side panels and cover plates: blank (seawater-resistant)
other parts: chromated
Protection class
DIN 40 050 IP 00, IP 20 with cover panels
contact protection in accordance with VDE 0160
Utilization category
-25 °C, +70 °C, 75% relative humidity
Protective grounding
all metal parts are electrically bonded to one another
following assembly in accordance with VDE 100 / 12.65, § 6 Nb.