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Subrack InterProtect®

Waterproofed and ruggedized Subrack

Your advantages

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Water and dustproof
  • Optimal HF-tightness

Subrack InterProtect®

Water and dustproof subrack.

The subrack InterProtect® stands out due to its particular constructive features:

  • Upper and lower cover are made from a continuously massive extruded aluminium profile. The surface is colourless passivated. The profiles have 11 screwing points on each side in order to fix the side panels.
  • The profiles are equipped with notches to introduce assembly- or threaded strips. These strips are designed to fix frontpane, rear wall, card guides and connectors resp. backplanes.
  • Connector- and backplane-sections can be realized with nominal depth of 160, 180, 220 und 240 mm.
  • Card guides with a nominal depth of 160 and 220 mm, optionally snap-in or screwable can be used.
  • The side walls, front panel and rear wall are made of seawater resistant aluminium. They have a material thickness of 4 mm and are colourless passivated.
  • Front panel and rear wall are each fixed on the 3U with 28 (42HP) resp. 52 (84HP) screws, on the 6U with 36 (42HP) resp. 60 (HP) screws.
  • The use of high-quality sealing materials provides for an optimal protection against dirt, dust and the intrusion of water.
  • By the use of conductive sealings an optimal shielding is achieved.
  • Seals are made of silicone or in a conductive version of silicone filled with nickel-plated graphite particles. Following customer requests seals made of fluor-silicone or seals with conductive particles made of silver-plated aluminum can be used.

Technical data

Acc. to DIN 41 494 ⁄ IEC 60 297
Width / horizontal pitch
84 / 42 usable HP / 5.08 mm
Depth of backplane
160, 180, 220, 240 mm (nom. depth)
Nominal depth
280 mm
Connector mounting
M 2,5 in increments of 5,08 mm for DIN 41 612,
VG 95 324, IEC 60 603-2 connectors
screws: stainless steel
assembly and threaded strips: steel or stainless steel
other parts: aluminum
aluminium parts: colourless passivated
steelparts: zink cromated and colourless chrome-plated
Temperature range
-55 to +160 °C
Application class
-25 °C, +70 °C, 75% relative humidity
Protective earthing
After assembly all metal parts have an electrically conductive
interconnection acc. to VDE 100/12.65, § 6 Nb