Baugruppenträger Flexible


Standard subrack for industrial applications.


  • Simple and fast assembly
  • All-purpose
  • RFI shielding can be added later


The cost-effective basic variant

The special design features of the subrack FLEXIBLE:

  • For mounting of the profile rails the side wall is perforated with a grid of 10 mm to allow installation of modules in depth steps of 10 mm. This results in a flexible amount of free space behind the wiring level or in front of the operating level.
  • The profile rails are connected to the side wall at the front using a special screw which ensures electrical bonding of the parts via a ring cutter under the head.
  • The front and rear profile rails can be interchanged such that the wiring level which is normally at the rear can be implemented at the front of the subrack.
  • The extensive range of accessories allows individual configuration.
  • Fast and simple assembly:
    Easy positioning of the profile rails thanks to raised embossing on the side wall.

There are 2 versions of this subrack:

  1. The FLEXIBLE Fi subrack (with an integrated flange) The combination of the side wall and mounting flange form a single unit. This is the simple and cost-effective version. This standard version, however, can not be shielded.
  2. The FLEXIBLE Fs subrack (with a separate flange) The side wall and flange are separate components so the flange can be screwed to the side panel at the front or the rear.


  • Even if the flange is detached and repositioned from the front to the rear the subrack remains a physical unit and is thus also suitable for direct wall mounting.
  • This version can be converted to an RFI-shielded subrack with little effort.

Technical Data

compliant with DIN 41 494 ⁄ IEC 60 297
width ⁄ horizontal pitch
84 usable HP ⁄ 5.08 mm
Depth of the inserted board
160, 220, 280 mm (nom. depth)
Depth increment-side panel
10 mm
Connector mounting
M 2.5 in increments of 5.08 mm for DIN 41 612,
VG 95 324 and EC 60 603-2 connectors
screws: steel
other parts: aluminum
screws: galvanized and chromated
subrack Fi: colorless anodized; cut areas: blank
subrack Fs: colorless chromated
Protection class
DIN 40 050 IP 00, IP 20 with cover panels
contact protection in accordance with VDE 0160
Utilization category
-25 °C, +70 °C, 75% relative humidity
Protective grounding
all metal parts are electrically bonded to one another
following assembly in accordance with VDE 100 ⁄ 12.65, § 6 Nb.