InterMeZo Housing

InterMeZo Housing

Modular in design, flexible in application


  • Design front
  • Functional front
  • Variable in 3 dimensions
  • Can be RFI-shielded
  • Mechanical protection up to IP 54

InterMeZo Housing

The modular table housing for a wide range of applications


A modern housing flexible in its applications, with a modular design, can be RFI-shielded and ventilated, in an attractive design and at a reasonable price: InterMeZo


  1. Housing frame: The InterMeZo housing is based on a framework construction consisting of profiles and corner connectors. This flexible design also enables fast and cost-effective assembly of individual housing sizes.
  2. Easy to access: For quick access to the installed electronics the cover plates are pressed into profiled grooves and secured with two screws.
  3. RFI shielding: The side walls are pressed into profile grooves; contact elements ensure RFI-shielded bonding.
  4. Mechanical sealing: To achieve effective protection of the housing against dust and water the cover panels, the rear wall and the door can all be fitted with seals.
  5. Recessed grips: Grips for easy transportation are formed by the recessed mounting of the side walls.
  6. Equipment supports: Subracks can be installed variably as the housing depth permits.
  7. Chassis panels: The depth profiles are provided with grooves in which chassis panels or similar can be fitted at any depth with the aid of spring nuts.


The InterMeZo from Intermas is a modular and cost-effective housing solution for high-quality industrial electronics in a visually attractive design, developed for the highest possible flexibility and simplest possible assembly, with expansion capabilities for more demanding needs, compliant with stringent EMI/ESD protection specifications, and with extensive configuration options to fulfil application-specific requirements.

Technical Data

casing: aluminum profiles
corner connectors: die-cast zinc
feet: ABS
other parts: 0.8 mm galvanized sheet steel
standard for rear wall and cover panels: painted dark gray
(RAL DS 5500)
standard for casing and side walls: painted light gray
(RAL DS 7000)
feet: dark gray