Gehäuse Divar

DiVar Housing

A variable housing concept for individual dimensions.


  • 19" rack mounted for individual applications from 1 U to 6 U
  • Individual configuration with a few parts
  • Cover plates detachable

DiVar Housing

The practical housing which allows variable configuration of the housing geometry.

The special design features of the DiVar housing:

  • It consists of profiles into which aluminum, sheet steel, stainless steel or plastic panels with a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mm are inserted and, if desired, secured with screws. A wall panel at the rear and a panel at the front are screwed to the profiles.
  • The flexible design allows variable configuration of the housing geometry in all three axes, this allowing adaptation of the housing to customer-specific requirements.
  • Different surfaces can be selected for an individual appearance.
  • The proven RFI contact spring concept ensures optimum RFI shielding.
  • Rails with threaded holes can be pressed into the profile grooves, for example to screw in horizontal or vertical PCBs or mounting plates.
  • The extensive range of Intermas accessories allows unrestricted configuration and installation of both standardized and non-standard components.

The housing can be supplied in 4 versions:

  1. Customized housing
  2. 19" rack mounted
  3. Desktop housing with a keyboard area
  4. Desktop housing with a continuous slanting surface

Technical Data

profiles: blank
cover plates, front panel and side plates:
front: anodized, rear: conductive