Front panel services

Front panels are the "business card" of your products.
So you should not make any compromise!

Your benefit

  • Appealling Design and Proven Function

Front panel services

Intermas-Elcom offers a comprehensive range of front panels and accessories for electronic applications.

Front panel services for:

  • Blind front panel
  • front panels for plug-in cards
  • 19 inch front panels
  • customized front panels
  • Plates 


Processing and designing front panels:

  • No matter whether your front panels are made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel or plastic, we will be pleased to process and design them, tailor-made to your requirements. Our comprehensive package of services ranges from the mechanical work through the surface finish up to the printing and assembly of the finished front panel on your modules.


  • Your front panels will be produced on modern high-speed milling machines, clean and absolutely free of burrs, obviating the necessity for time-consuming and expensive finishing work. No matter whether we mill contours, openings or recesses for you or whether you need countersinking or screw threads in your products, our experienced team will meet all your requirements, to perfection and in top quality, up to a material thickness of 10 mm.


  • Front and rear panels with holes, openings and cut-outs are also available in punched versions, up to a material thickness of 3 mm. On our punching and nibbling machines, we can produce cut parts, perforations, holes and carry out countersinking, reshaping and embossments, at low cost and in a single manufacturing step.

Galvanic surface finishing:


  • Anodizing
  • Chromating
  • Passivating
  • Galvanizing
  • Nickel plating

are all processes we carry out with specialists from our reliable network.



  • Wet painting in special colours and RAL colours as well as textured or smooth finishes are possible on request. Powder coating can be realized on demand.


  • Front panels and plates can naturally be engraved on our CNC-controlled, high-speed milling machines as well. 

Screen Printing:

  • Front panels and plates can be screen printed in UV-resistant and weatherproof quality. Screen printing offers particular costs advantages compared to digital printing in the case of large volumes.

  • Both single-colour and multi-coloured prints according to RAL, HKS and Pantone colour charts are possible.

Anodized Printing:

  • Screen printing also makes it possible to carry out anodized printing. Here the colour particles are embedded in the anodised layer. All RAL colours can be reproduced with this process, with the exception of very light shades such as white.
    Lettering with anodized printing is extremely abrasion-proof and resistant to thermal and chemical influences.


  • With this printing process an anodised, porous and non-compacted aluminium surface is printed with special screen printing inks. The printing ink is stored in the pores of the anodised layer. After printing and drying, the parts are compacted in a hot water bath in order to permanently store the colours in the anodized layer with resistance to corrosion.

  • In contrast to traditional printing processes, the colour is absorbed into the material and does not remain on the surface. The printed image is therefore protected against mechanical and chemical influences and other signs of wear and remains preserved for a long time. This is why this process has established itself in the manufacture of front panels and plates that are exposed to heavy mechanical loads or contact with dissolvers, for instance.

Digital Printing:

  • The areas of application for digital printing can all be found where conventional screen printing comes up against its limits; this particularly includes multicolour printing, colour gradients and shadings as well as the production of individual items and small series.


    Individual front panel designs with a UV flatbed printer with LED curing are already possible in small volumes at reasonable cost. Multicolour prints and company logos can easily be produced in photographic quality with a resolution of up to 1,800 x 1,800 dpi. Even the finest lines and the smallest fonts can be reproduced with sharp definition.


    A coat of clear varnish produces print products with improved resistance to abrasion and high durability.


    Other printing processes such as anodized printing in photographic quality is carried out by efficient partners in our network.

Accessories for front panels:

  • Handles
  • Board connectors
  • Contact springs
  • Screw retainers
  • Press-fit bushings
  • Quick fasteners

Express Service:

Ask us if you need a faster service. If the need arises, we can supply your individual front panel in just a few working days. We love challenges