Blind front panels

- Blind front panels
- RFI flat front panels
- RFI moulding front panel

your benefits

  • For covering vacant positions
  • To positioning components in subracks

Blind front panels

Four versions are available:

Blind front panel

Depending on requirements you can choose beween four types of panels to cover vacant positions or to positioning components in the subracks:

Blind cover:

Flat front panel untreated 

- the front site is equipped with a protective film.

Flat front panel anodized

- front site anodized, rear side conductive

RFI-flat front panel

-  Frontseitig eloxiert, rückseitig leitfähig.
-  Mit seitlichen Schlitzen zur Aufnahme von RFI-Federn.

HF-molding front panel

-  made from aluminium extrusion sliding profile, colourless chrometed
-  with side contours (single edge or doble sited) with slits in the side edges for insertion of RFI springs.

Technical data

flat front panel: aluminum 2,5mm thick
moulding front panel: aluminum
untreated, anodized or colourless chromated