Cassette with extruded side walls

Quick and easy assembly


  • Suitable for subracks acc. to IEC 60 297
  • Suitable to accommodating Euroboards 3U or 6U

Cassette with one-part side walls

The simple one

The cassette performs two functions:

It can be inserted into a subrack just like a PCB and it can accommodate plug-in boards.

3 cassette versions are available:

  1. A cassette with extruded side walls
    Extruded side walls in combination with a front panel and a rear panel make up the basic cassette which is then fitted with top and bottom plates.
  2. A cassette with 4 depth profiles
    Four identical depth profiles in combination with a front panel and a rear panel make up the basic cassette which is then fitted with top and bottom plates. Two side service apertures are created which make the interior of the cassette easily accessible for inspection purposes. These apertures can be closed off using slide-in panels.
  3. Cassette with cover hood
    This version consists of a extruded side wall at the left to which the protective cover with an integrated rear wall is attached. The rear has a 4 HP aperture for installing an IEC 60 603-2 type B, C, D or F connector.

The special design features of the cassettes:

  • The side edges of the front panel are slitted to insert RFI gaskets which harmonically blend into the front panel grid and which require no additional space.
  • The cassettes fits into all IEC 60 297 subracks.
  • The cassette is fitted in the subrack using PCB guide mounts. For the right side of the cassette theguide mount is installed rotated by 180°.
  • Suitable for accommodating Euroboards (3U, 6U) in accordance to IEC 60 297.
  • The side walls and depth profiles have guide channels for insertion of 3U or 6U boards; only installation at the left is standardized.
  • Additional guide mounts can be snapped into the top and bottom cover panels to accommodate internal boards.
  • When used in a subrack the distance between the cassette and the PCB to the right of it is 2.47 mm.

Three different rear panels are available:

  1. Cassette „RG“ (rear panel closed): This cassette is particularly suitable for any installation.
  2. Cassette „RT“ (rear panel with partial aperture): The rear panel has a 4HP aperture for installation of a connector.
  3. Cassette „RV“ (rear panel with full aperture): The rear panel has an aperture across its full width and is perforated for installation of connectors.


The cassette design is based on the following grid:

  • Horizontal pitch 5,08 mm
  • Height pitch 44,45 mm
  • Depth pitch 10,00 mm

Technical data

IEC 60 297, Part 3
„RV“ rear panel, top and bottom panels: sheet steel
mounting parts: steel
handles: plastic
other parts: aluminum
side panel, covers, „RV“ rear panel: untreated
front panel: front anodized, rear and edges untreated
other parts: colorless chromated
Protection class
IP 30
Utilization category
-25 °C, to 70 °C, =< 75 % relative humidity, condensation possible
Electrical requirements
all parts are electrically bonded to one another following
assembly in accordance with VDE 100 § 8 Nb.