Kassette Kühlkörper

Cassette with Heat Sink

For passive cooling of electronic modules and systems


  • To accommodate printed circuit boards for euroboards (3U, 6U) acc. to IEC 60 297

Cassette with Heat Sink

The cool one

This cassette is designed for passive cooling of electronic sub assemblies and systems. The thermal power loss which is generated in the 19“ cassette is dissipa ted by a heat sink which also serves as sidewall. The heat sink is covered by an asymmetric front panel. Euroboards are being fitted into card guides which can be snapped in every possible position in the cassette. A wide range of ccessories, for example rear cover, handle and handle strip in different colors and types are available. The front panel can be fitted with RFI springs to realize RFI shielding of the front of the subrack. Optionally the complete cassette can be RFI shielded:
The following grid spacing is possible:
Horizontal pitch 5,08 mm
Height pitch     44,45 mm
Depth pitch      10,00 mm


Scope of delivery:
4 depth profiles
1 side plates
1 heat sink, aluminum blank
1 rear panel 3U
2 top/bottom plate
1 front panel, with slits in the side edges for insertion of RFI gaskets
1 handle
1 aluminum ident plate
Mounting parts

The cassette is delivered unassembled as individual parts or as a kit



For a flat front plate 2 RFI springs are required. RFI-spring F3 - 3U.
Rear panel (RV), top and bottom panel: sheet steel
Mounting parts: steel
Handle: plastic
Other parts: aluminum
Electrical requirements
All parts are electrically bonded to one another following assembly in accordance with VDE 100 § 8 Nb.