Quick and easy assembly


  • Suitable for subracks acc. to IEC 60 297
  • Suitable to accommodating Euroboards 3U or 6U

Cassette with cover hood

Cassette with Cover Hood

The cassette performs two functions:

- It can be inserted into a subrack just like a PCB
- it can accommodate plug-in boards.

It consists of a single-part profile side wall arranged on the left a protective hood with an integrated rear wall is attached to it in which is insert a 4 TE outbreak for mounting a male connector in type B, C, D, F acc. to IEC 60 603-2

  • The side edges of the front panel are slitted to insert RFI gaskets which harmonically blend into the front panel grid and which require no additional space.
  • The cassettes fits into all IEC 60 297 subracks.
  • The cassette is fitted in the subrack by using PCB guide mounts.
  • For the right side of the cassette the guide mount is installed rotated by 180°.
  • Suitable for accommodating Euroboards (3U, 6U) in accordance with IEC 60 297.
  • The side walls and depth profiles have guide channels for insertion of 3U or 6U boards; only installation at the left is standardized.
  • Further guide holders for accommodating internal cards can be latched into the roof and floor panels.
  • When used in a subrack the distance between the cassette and the PCB to the right of it is 2.47 mm.

Three different rear panels are available:

  1. Cassette „RG“ (rear panel closed): This cassette is particularly suitable for any installation.
  2. Cassette „RT“ (rear panel with partial aperture): The rear panel has a 4HP aperture for installation of a connector.
  3. Cassette „RV“ (rear panel with full aperture): The rear panel has an aperture across its full width and is perforated for installation of connectors..


The design of the cassette is based on the following grid:

  • Horizontal pitch 5,08 mm
  • Heitht pitch      44,45 mm
  • Depth pitch      10,00 mm

Scope of delivery:

1 extruded side wall
1 cover hood
1 front panel with slits in the side edges to include RFI gaskets
1 handle
1 aluminium ident-plate
Mounting parts


The cassette is delivered unassembled as individual parts or as a kit.

Technical data

IEC 60 297, part 3
Rear panel (RV), top and bottom Panel: sheet steel
Mounting parts: steel
Handles: plastic
Other parts: aluminum
Side panel, covers, rear panel (RV): untreated
Front panel: Front anodized, rear panel and edges untreated
Other parts: aluminum
Protection class
IP 30
Utilization category
-25 °C, to 70 °C, =< 75 % relative humidity, condensation possible
Electrical requirements
all parts are electrically bonded to one another following
assembly in accordance with VDE 100 § 8 Nb