MG Schrank

MG aluminum cabinet

The cabinet suitable for heavy-duty applications and for mobile applications.


  • For heavy-duty use
  • For mobile use in difficult environmental conditions

MG aluminum cabinet

A particularly robust construction

This cabinet is designed for heavy-duty use.
Its exceptionally robust construction also makes it ideal for mobile use.
A tailor-made design provides you with configuration flexibility and geometrical adaptation to
difficult environmental conditions, e.g. in naval engineering.
The MG cabinet can be mechanically sealed up to IP 43.

Technical Data

Profiles: AlMgSi 0.5 F28, Cu-content - 0.05
Corner connectors: GK-A1 Si 12
Connecting elements: rust-resistant steel
Labeling strip: aluminum, semi-gloss anodized
First coat: oven-dried
Top coat: structure, oven-dried
Static load capacity
5000 N
Dynamic load capacity with static capacity of 5000 N
Sinusoidal oscillation (continuous loading)
10 to 58 Hz, 0.15 mm amplitude; 58 to 150 Hz, 2 g amplitude
Duration in each case 120 min/axis

Resonance (endurance test):
30 min at each main resonance/axis

Shock, semi-sinusoidal:
Shock duration 18 ms, acceleration 30 g, 3 shocks in the vertical direction
Protection class
IP 30 to IP 43 (in accordance with DIN 40 050 and IEC 140)
Utilization category
In accordance with DIN 40 040 < HPR (-25 to 85°C,_90% rel. humidity), condensation possible
Electrical requirement
VDE 0100 § 6 Nb, Sections 1.3, 1.5, 2.41 to 2.46 ful filled
Defined connection location on the base frame in accordance with VDE 0100 § 6 Nb, Section 2.42
Basic dimensions
DIN 41 488, 1 und 2
Separately or in rows
Floor anchoring
4 anchoring bolts M12
Transport aid
4 holes at the side of the base frame for connecting transport devices