19" 1 U Fan Tray with infinitely variable Fan Modules


  • For highly accurate ventilation of hot spots in electronics.


CoolSpot is a 19" 1 U fan tray with the possibility to vary the number and position of fans according to the current heat load. It is designed for an economical but highly effective and precise cooling of electronic components within 19‘‘ cabinets and housings. Cooling air is directly supplied at the hot spots due to the infinitely variable positioning of the fans.

The basic construction consists of a front panel, a back panel and two side stripes. This 19‘‘ frame can take in up to four fans in width, each being pre-assembled as a single module. The modules are composed of two mountingplates which include one fan. The fan itself is linked to the mountingplate via plug-in connections and mortise joints; there are no other screw connections necessary.

The single fan modules can be moved inevitably variable across the entire fan tray‘s width thanks to a smart design of the front and back panel’s profile. Straightforward constructive measures fasten the fans easily within the frame and at the same time prevent them from moving sideways accidently. The modular construction allows the fan tray’s extension into the depth for one more row and therewith doubling the number of fans to a maximum of eight pieces. Individual customer requirements in regards to voltages and airflow ratings can be met by the use of standard fans.

Technical data

Rated voltage
12 VDC (other voltages on request)
Rated output
dependent upon fan module
19'' - 1U - 178 mm to 407 mm
Protection class
IP 20
operating temperature
-10°C … +70°C
storage temperature
-40°C … +70°C
level above mean sea level
until 2000 m
volume flow
dependent upon fan module
front panel, bottom and intermediate profile, side stripes: aluminum anodized
fan module's mounting plate: galvanized steel sheet