19" Querstromgebläse

For venting 160 mm deep assemblies


  • For cooling of 160 mm deep modules
  • Fan for cooling of 220 mm deep modules on request

19" Cross-Flow Fan

19" Cross-Flow fan

For ventilation of assemblies in cabinets


  • Cross-flow fan
  • Engine protective cover
  • Filter mat
  • Support grille for filter mat

Technical Data

Power plant
current: squirrel-cage motor
direct current: non commutator DC motor
Ambient temperature
current: -25 to +65 °C
direct current: -25 to +55 °C
groved ball bearing
Life Expectancy
20.000 h
Protection class
IP 10 accordance to DIN 40050
Filter mat
Viledon PSB 145-S
Electrical connection
terminal strip on the back
ventilator housing: steel
side panel, flange, support grille, front grille: plastic
housing, galvanized and chromated