Punching and bending

Highest precision in the production of complex sheet metal parts and modules

  • Bending and punching technology for aluminium and steel sheets of up to 3 mm
  • Stainless steel of up to 2 mm

Bending up to lengths and widths of 2000 mm is no problem on our bend presses, so that we can also design and shape any large parts you require. Complex bent parts can be fabricated out of a single piece with a high precision fit.

Thanks to our flexible machinery we can produce many different parts for you at our manufacturing plant. Our presses are equipped with modern 3D simulation and 6-axis control, allowing a punching pressure of 25 to 170 tonnes.

We also have modern CNC nibbling machines, which, in addition to producing cut parts, perforations and holes, can also carry out countersinking, reshaping and embossment at low cost and in a single, manufacturing step.