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We are certified in compliance to DIN EN ISO 14001 since December 2022

Additionally to our established quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 our environmental managment in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 was certified in December 2022.
The certification to an audited environmental management system was the next logical step since we have been committed to environmental protection for many years.
The protection of climate and environment are the biggest challenges in the years to come. Therefore we a proud to face up to these challenges and to verify our actions by environmental objectives.
In our environmental management system we have established criteria for effective and sustainable business activity - this is how we connect economy and ecology in our daily business. Due to our efficient environmental management our customers will also benefit from cost-effective pricing thanks to energy- and material- efficient manufacturing processes.
To ensure the continuation of that success we review our measures regarding environmental protection regularly and commit ourselves to a continous improvement of our environmental management system.


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Further innovations in the field of cooling and ventilation

Retrofittable subrack fan tray

Intermas-Elcom presents a product innovation in the field of cooling and ventilation. The retrofittable fan tray provides the opportunity of cost-efficiently retrofitting subracks with a 1 U fan module. The only requirement is that the subrack needs to be of 19“ standard width.

The retrofittable subrack fan tray is distinguished by the following unique features:

  1. It is a compact fan module which can be fitted quickly and in a simple way.
  2. The fan modules and the filter mats can be replaced rapidly during maintenace or repair works as they are located in a drawer and therefore do not need to be dismantled elaborately.

The trays are designed for standard depths of 160 and 220 mm. The fans used in the trays have a construction height of 25 mm. Various types of fans can be offered flexibly according to individual requests. As default 4 fans with the dimensions of 92x92 mm are used for a nominal depth of 160 mm and respectively 3 fans with the dimensions of 119x119 mm for a nominal depth of 220 mm. This ensures that ideally all above units are ventilated by a consistent air flow. A filter mat can be inserted beneath the fans. Customized solutions regarding the fans‘ position or quantity can certainly be realized. Of course, there is also the possibility of integrating the tray directly into a new subrack.


Presentation of the Frauscher Supplier Award to Intermas Austria GmbH

In October 2018 Intermas Austria GmbH was awarded "Supplier of the year 2016" by Frauscher.
The following criteria were measured: Quality, Delivery Performance, Price, Cooperation and Certifications.

Innovations in the field of cooling and ventilation

CoolSpot – infinitely variable 19‘‘ 1U fan tray for highly accurate ventilation of hot spots in electronics

Intermas-Elcom presents its product innovation in the field of cooling and ventilation. CoolSpot is an infinitely variable 19‘‘ 1U fan tray with the possibility to vary the number of fans according to the current heat load. It is designed for an economical but highly effective and precise cooling of electronic components within 19‘‘ cabinets and housings. Cooling air is directly supplied at the hot spots due to the infinitely variable positioning of the fans.

The basic construction consists of a front panel, a back panel and two side stripes. This 19‘‘ frame can take in up to four fans in width, each being pre-assembled as a single module. The modules are composed of two mountingplates which include one fan. The fan itself is linked to the mountingplate via plug-in connections and mortise joints; there are no other screw connections necessary.

The single fan modules can be moved inevitably variable across the entire fan tray‘s width thanks to a smart design of the front and back panel’s profile. Straightforward constructive measures fasten the fans easily within the frame and at the same time prevent them from moving sideways accidently. The modular construction allows the fan tray’s extension into the depth for one more row and therewith doubling the number of fans to a maximum of eight pieces. Individual customer requirements in regards to voltages and airflow ratings can be met by the use of standard fans.



InterRailFAN – 19‘‘ 1U fan tray for railway technology

Intermas-Elcom GmbH presents its product innovation in the field of ventilation and cooling. InterRailFAN is a compact fan tray in a 1U construction. The fan was especially designed for the application in railway technology and is used to provide effective cooling of electronic components in 19‘‘-cabinets and housings. An integrated temperature sensor allows for fan speed adjustment according to the ambient temperature. An external temperature sensor can be obtained optionally. An alarm is issued, visually (LED) as well as via a potential-free contact if a critically low fan speed is exceeded.

The rated output amounts to 18 W. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +70°C (OT4 in EN 50155). As a standard version the fan tray is built out of pre-galvanised sheet steel.


Worldwide innovation

Watertight subrack, InterProtect®

With the subrack InterProtect® Intermas-Elcom launches a new subrack which is entirely in accordance to the 19 inch standards and offers maximum protection while using standard accessories. The product will be introduced to the public at electronica 2016 in Munich from November 8th to 11th, 2016.
The ingenious and unique construction and sealing concept allows protection up to class IP 66 strictly complying to all 19 inch system dimensions.
Therefore, the InterProtect® is well suited for use in tropical regions where humidity up to 100% can occur. Also sandstorms in deserts will not harm the InterProtect® with the electronics inside. 
The robust construction guarantees shock and vibration resistance in accordance to the relevant railway and military standards up to 20g / 200 m/s2. 
The subrack InterProtect® is predestinated for use in railways, defense and naval applications as well as all other applications requiring special protection of electronics. Heat generation can be dissipated through integrated heat sinks in the top and bottom modules.


Intershell IP – Dust- and hose-proof small casing for stationary and portable applications

The casing InterShell is not only suited as tabletop housing for measuring- and testing devices or as small casing for other applications. Also, the robustness and tightness serves as a perfect solution for portable outdoor applications. Designed with specific conductible silicone sealings which ensure an optimal EMV-protection.

You can choose between 2 standard types:

  1. Type 1 with a height of 81,8 and a width of 145 mm and
  2. Type 2 with a height of 145 and a width of 229,2 mm. Both types are available in the nominal depths of 150, 200 und 250 mm.

In addition to optimal functionality, the development of the casings was done by giving highest importance to a cost-efficient design with a maximum degree of flexibility. The sophisticated basic structure consists of an aluminium extruded sheath which is used in type 1 as upper- and lower part respectfully in type 2  (3U, 42HP) as side panel. By using plugged-in side panels as top/bottom cover plates, the standard dimensions of the casing can easily and economically be adapted to customer-specific dimensions.

The standard casing has a blank surface. Other surfaces can, of course, also be provided upon request. Therefore, the customer can request individual coloring and thus create a unique customer interface.

For an individual assembly, a multitude of accessories like handles, wall-or bottom-fastening angles, and stands with or without tip-up hinged feet are available.

We gladly offer quick and flexible individual mechanical processing of the surface treatment and printing according to customer requirements.