About us

Global industry leaders, continuing our legacy of client-oriented solutions in Canada

Intermas Canada is a Canadian owned and operated business, working closely with our manufacturing operations in Germany. We partner with a wide array of clients from many industries including those as diverse as aerial fire fighting and traffic management.

We take pride in offering innovative solutions for clients who have unique shielding, cooling and power needs. In addition to offering complete custom systems solutions with local inventory, we also offer local mechanical assembly services and access to a wide range of products and accessories.

As a pioneer in the field of electronics packaging (also known as modular assembly systems), Intermas’ extensive range of mechanical and electromechanical components form the foundation for the integrated system solutions we offer clients. Whether providing an “off the rack ” product or creating a custom solution adapted to the unique needs of a manufacturing process, we provide clients with quality and second-to-none customer service.


Our roots as industry innovators

Founded in 1969, Intermas was originally an operating division of the former AEG Corporation. As the industry developed and evolved, Intermas was acquired in July 2001 by Intermas-Elcom GmbH and has grown into the global industry leader it is today.

Our engineers played an integral role in the development of 19-inch and metric assembly standards, and their subsequent further development. Many innovative, trend-setting and time-honoured products have their roots in Intermas. Our products are used in almost all fields of industrial electronics and telecommunications, military and traffic technology throughout the world.